¿Y sabes por qué se fue?

Porque no tiene razones para quedarse…

Solamente tú me puedes destruir o salvar, dos palabras bastarán… Yo te podría esperar hasta que se evapore todo el mar, pero tú no dices más…



En mis intentos por distraerme, encontré un correo de cuando aún usaba hotmail. Aquellos bellos años en los que nos enviábamos cadenas con preguntas tipo chismógrafo. Pues me trajo tan buenos recuerdos y pude encontrar uno realmente bueno para compartir que decidí pasarlo al plano actual.

Se llama “el Soundtrack de mi vida”. La dinámica es muy sencilla. Poner en modo shuffle tu reproductor de música y responder a cada una de las “preguntas/situaciones” que se plantean. Así se crea el soundtrack de tu vida.

Vamos a ver qué ocurre…

Créditos Iniciales:

So let mercy come and wash away what I’ve done…

Al despertar:

Don’t take away the music, it’s the only thing I’ve got..

Primer día de trabajo:

By the way, I tried to say I’d be there, waiting for…


Al enamorarte:

I thought I had you on hold…


Escena del beso:

El armario de mi cuarto parece un triturador, la cama no deja de dar vueltas y el payaso es un cabrón…


Canción de pelea:

El veneno no te mata, te mata el dolor…



If you’re still alive, my regrets are few
If my life is mine, what shouldn’t I do?
I get wherever I’m going, I get whatever I need
While my blood’s still flowing and my heart’s still beating like a hammer


Mi gran ruptura:

We’re so close to something better left unknown. I can feel it in my bones…


Mental shock:

I was the one with the world at my feet…


Canción para conducir:

I woke with this fear: What am I leaving?, When I’m done here?



That’s what it means to crush, now that I’m wakin’ up I still feel the blow but at least now I know…



I’m in love with it, intoxicated. I’m enraptured from the inside I can feel that you want to…



‘Cause I try, and I try, and I try, and I try…


Nacimiento de mi hija:

I want to heal, I want to feel like I’m close to something real, I want to find something I’ve wanted all along… Somewhere I belong.


Pagando deudas:

I’ve been watching you creep around my wandering feet, trying for years to flee


Momento del triunfo final:

Feel my body shutting down, I don’t wanna hear a sound
Feel my battery running low, I don’t wanna be alone
Yeah, I need to take a breath
Yeah, I need to disconnect


Escena de muerte:

He comprado un vestido, lo he colgado en tu armario.
Tu perfume me sacude, tu mesilla me enloquece.
Has sentido mi suspiro, ¡no me has visto!


Escena del funeral:

‘Cause I can’t stop wondering if I was too late to see the signs
If I could go back with hands up, I’d look up to the sky…
I’d give it, I’d give it, I’d give it
I’d give it to you,

Give it to you!


Créditos finales:

Ha nacido la semilla del diablo, en mi casa, la semilla del diablo, llora sangre la semilla del diablo…



Even though you’re the only one I see…

I think I know what’s on your mind
A couple words, a great divide
Waiting in the wings, a small respite
Crowding up the foreground from behind

Even though you’re the only one I see
It’s the last catastrophe
Place your bets on chance and apathy

Take anything you want, it’s fine
Keep up the slow life for the night
Don’t take it back, I’ll just deny
This constant noise all the time

Even though you’re the only one I see
It’s the last catastrophe
Place your bets on chance and apathy
From the wind in front of me

Even though you’re the only I see
It’s the last catastrophe
Place your bets on chance and apathy
From the wind in front of me

Even though you’re the only I see…

I think I’m understanding why I feel like this…

Since last week, I’ve been feeling like falling apart. That’s why I decided to stop eating again. Because feeling the pain of hunger is worth for someone like me. Someone who doesn’t worth for anything. Now, Ana is taking control of myself again. I leave my life in your cold arms. Please keep me and protect me up to the bones. Please Ana, take my voice, my willness… I want you to know that I tried so hard and got so far but, in the end it doesn’t even matter…

Since last week, this song got stuck in my head. I didn’t even know the whole lyrics. Now I understand them.

Hello by Evanescence 

Playground school bell rings again,
rain clouds come to play again,

has no one told you she’s not breathing?

Hello! I’m your mind giving you someone to talk to…


If I smile and don’t believe

soon I know I’ll wake from this dream,

don’t try to fix me I’m not broken

Hello! I’m the lie living for you so you can hide,

don’t cry

Suddenly I know I’m not sleeping…

Hello, I’m still here 

all that’s left of yesterday…